Receive more attention for your app with the help of Facebook ads – it’s simple and a great way to target your mobile readers and boost your app installs!


To create a Facebook ad for your native app you have to follow those simple 5 steps:

1. Go to the Ads Manager and create a new ad

First of all you need to go to the ads manager on Facebook. Choose the green button on the upper right side of the screen which says “Create Ad” and choose “Get installs of your app” from the list of objectives for your campaign.

Enter the URL to your app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Please note: You will have to create one ad for each App Store!


2. Enter your target group

Facebook offers the opportunity to enter your target group pretty precisely. We will give you an overview of the different options you have.

Platform: You can chose whether you want to target Android or iOs users. This for sure depends on the App Store URL you have entered one step before. You can also choose the min. Operating System that your app is supporting – for your Blappsta app it’s iOS 6 and for Android 4.

Wireless Connection: Choose if you want your ad to be displayed for all mobile users or only those who have WIFI. Think about the size of your app and if it would make sense to limit the delivery of your ad to those who have WIFI.

Locations: Choose a target country for your app. You can also include or exclude specific states, cities or adresses. You may also want to target specific groups in this location – choose between those who are living there, have been there recently or travel there.

Age, Gender and Language: Choose the age, gender and language you want to target with your ad. Note that some people don’t use the language of the country they are living in! In most cases you should choose between a strict target location or a strict target language – don’t go for both!

More demographics: Facebook offers you to enter a lot of more demographic targets like relationship, education, work, ethnic affinity, generation, parents, politics or life events. This will help you to reach your target group pretty precisely.

Interests: Enter the interests of your target group. You can choose a wide range of interest, like for example “food and drink” or narrow your audience by choosing “Italian cuisine”. You may want to add as many interests as you want. Think about defining your target group as specific as you can to not lose any money on broad target groups. 

Behaviors: Set behaviors for your target group, like Digital activities, expats, mobile device user, seasonal and events and travel.

Connections: Choose if you want to target everyone or only people to are connected to a page, app or event in a special way.

FireShot Capture 1 - Advertise on Facebook_ - https___www.facebook.com_ads_create_


3. Set your spending and schedule your ad

Now that you’ve set your target group it’s time to think about your spending. Facebook offers you to choose whether you want to set specific amount of money per day or a lifetime budget. The daily budget is recommended for a continuously ad, the lifetime budget for a specific length of time.

Now schedule your ad for a continuously period or set a start and end date.

Regarding the pricing you can choose whether you want to get more clicks at the best price or set your maximum bid for a click.

FireShot Capture 3 - Advertise on Facebook_ - https___www.facebook.com_ads_create_



4. Create your ad

Now you can upload up to 6 images with the size of 1200 x 628 pixels to create multiple ads. After starting your campaign you can track which of the campaign images performs best what will make it easier for you to plan upcoming campaigns with well performing ads.

Choose a connected Facebook Fanpage for your app campaign to which your app’s icon and title will link to. Enter a headline and text for your app and choose your Call To Action. You may also want to enter a deep link to your app install ad, that will guide the user directly to a specific page in your app.


5. Place order

Now that you’re done just press “place order” and wait for Facebooks approval of your ad.


Once your app is approved by Facebook you may pause or stop it anytime you want. You also can make changes to your ad if you want to, but please note that once you have changed something your ad will approved by Facebook again.