1. Plugin Installation

Install and activate the Blappsta plugin on your WordPress blog. You can either download it below or directly from the plugin repository in your WP-backend. This step is mandatory in order for your app to work properly.

Get the Blappsta Plugin HERE!

2. Customization and Preview

Benefit from the unlimited customization options the Blappsta plugin offers you: choose your favorite app theme, set your individual logo and use the colors of your choice.

To get a preview of your app, simply visit Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store on your smartphone and download our official Blappsta Preview app. Start the app and enter your blog’s URL or scan the QR-code as shown in the video.

3. Order

Do you like what you see? Let’s get ready to launch your app in stores now: choose your favorite app package, individualize your app store appearance and order your app with Blappsta.

This is a quick guide to successfully installing and configuring your personal WordPress based mobile app.